This Will Be Awkward

Hello! I'm Arden. I have some type of disease that makes me much more misunderstoond than another teenagger. That was sarcasm. (kinda not really)

Let’s see how this pans out

Good morning, afternoon, evening to all you lovely human specimens.

Let’s put this out there; I’m not stealing from anyone. This is true. And if you don’t like it, then that’s your problem. Let’s pick on the girl in a wheelchair. Woo… did I make you feel guilty? No? Didn’t think so. At least I tried.

Well, let’s get started, now shall we? So I’m probably going to die early, maybe 50’s; I hope not. But I can’t stop the inevitable. I can fucking try though. So I have this disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA for you lazy people; I use it too). So (un)luckily, I have type II (that’s a two if you can’t read Roman numerals), which is better than type I and worse than type III. I is where the kid doesn’t usually last past two years old. So I past that, so, that’s good. III is when it sets in when you’re like forty. So for all of you people reading this (if there are any) then YOU MIGHT GET WHAT I HAVE AT ANY SECOND. Or not. Probably not. So this disease is recessive and on one of my chromosomes, I’m missing a certain gene. This gene that I was supposed to have is supposed to make good muscles and stuff. That was today’s lesson in biology, kids. (English lesson: I’m appealing to ethos because I’m telling you stuff and it sounds smart). So overtime, all the muscles in my body will get weaker and weaker. So that means like my biceps and calf muscles and you’re probably going “oh that’s not so bad; you’ll just be a really scrawny weak kid.” Well yeah, I am, but if you people forgot, the lungs, heart, and all that important stuff is muscle. So… I’ll let you figure that out. I’m assuming you’re smart enough to do that.

So, that’s what I have. This probably won’t be too successful because I’m not a worse case scenario and people just love to pity. I’m in fact quite well, thanks for asking. I’ll tell you more stories if anyone feels like reading this. So this is a test, to see if anyone cares or if anyone searches for stuff. Maybe. Tumblr does wonders. Like spoiling certain season finales of a certain show. Ten points to Hufflepuff if you know what I’m talking about (no, I’m not a Hufflepuff).

So, see you in a bit, maybe.

Oh and feel free to tell me if you actually want more of this. Or else I just might keep posting and I’ll just be talking to myself that then I’ll look stupid.